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    Yep ... This is ME!!    



Life does not demand that you be the biggest or the best

It simply asks that you try.

~ Author Unknown ~


My Story

I live in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada with my cat Samantha in a little apartment that looks out towards the mountains that I so dearly love.  I am professionally employed and work full time at a job I totally love!

I love most music (R & B, HipHop, dance mucic, rap ... but please ... NO country).  I enjoy playing pool, dancing, watching movies & videos, bubble baths, candlelight, white wine, pasta, sushi ... not necessarily in that order! I was married at the tender age of 17. That lasted for 21 years ... been seperated now for a bit over 5 years (for those of you doing the math ... I am now 43 soon to be 44 & don't plan to grow old gracefully!)

I have three awesome kids: a boy 25, & two girls 18 and 17.  My oldest daughter is having a baby!!  She's due on June 25th, 2001 ... wow ... I'm gonna be a granny!  LOL

I consider myself to be a very romantic & passionate woman in all aspects of my life. I am also warmhearted, patient, friendly, creative, intelligent, witty, outgoing, persistent, ... I am a Taurus ... what more can I say?? I love to laugh (especially at good jokes) & consider myself to be quite open minded ... I have to be ... remember I do have 2 teenage daughters!!



Want to know what the weather is like in Vancouver today?

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My Passion


I am a BIG CAT fancier ... not so much the household variety but the big ones ... tigers, lions and such. I admire their beauty, power and untamed passion .

They live their quest for survival.

Big Cats



My Hobby

Writing passionate poetry and creating web pages !!

.... this you got to "see" and "hear"....

Passionate Poems



I have an account on ICQ

If you don't know what that is ... I recommend you check it out

For those of you that do ... look me up #12673488



For those of you that have visited here before:

Welcome back! I've missed you!  *hugs*

For those of you who are visiting for the first time:

Thank you for stopping by ...

... I hope you enjoy your visit!

I placed my very first web page online on November 29, 1998 (this one as a matter of fact ... although it looked quite a bit different at that time.)  Since then I have added 100+ pages. (Shameless plug: One of my pages has received over 200,000 hits since the end of September 1999 ... not going to tell you which one ... LOL ... you'll just have to find it yourself ... but here's a clue though ... it's one of the pages listed in the Funn Pages section!!)

I received some 85 awards in 1999!  Isn't that just so kewl?  I get plenty of email everyday and I'm sometimes overwhelmed by the emails I get.  I never realized when I started doing this just how many people I would touch with the pages on my site and what effect they had in their lives.  I feel very blessed indeed when people stop by then take the time to either email their comments or sign my guestbook.

For one reason or another I have had to rebuild my "home" on more than one occasion (that's where that patient and persistent Taurus has come in handy!!)  One day soon I hope to actually make a living with my much loved hobby as I sure have learned alot over the last few months ... LOL !!  But in the meanwhile I will continue to add, change, rearrange this site.  My goal was to have 100 pages online by November 29, 1999!  And guess what?  I did it!  Please be sure to check out my Celebration page!

~ Til next time I hope you enjoy my pages ...

pass them on to a friend or two

... and please come back soon! ~

~ forever Sunshine ~

** Hugs & Kisses **

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If you believe you will succeed ... you will

If you believe you will fail ... you will

So believe what you want

~ by Sunshine ~



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