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Background: I placed my first homepage "Sunshine's Sundeck" online November 29, 1998. Only a week before that I knew absolutely nothing about web pages other than they looked great and that I wanted to make one.

Pretty much self taught (with a question here and there answered by ~*CRAZYFX*~ my online webpage Guru .... lol ... love ya Tim !!) one page lead to another and another and .... well you get my drift. "Sunshine's Sundeck" has many facelifts but still remains the anchor to which all my pages link back to.

Making these pages is a wonderful way of expressing my many interests and artistic abilities. They are my gift to you! The fact that I have now received awards and recongnitions for my newly found and much loved hobby is encouraging and a bonus!

My award to you: Life is not just about receiving now is it?  Please be sure to check out the Sunshine Sun Award of Excellence ... my award for you!!

~ forever Sunshine ~

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Sunday, January 24, 1999

****************The Hot Site of the Week Contest*********************


Congratulations, your site has been placed Eighth in the listing of the Hot Site of the Week Contest! You can see your site listing on the front page of my site:

Your site will remain here for a week and will then be archived.

Paras Haria - Webmaster - Linkaholics


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