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I am from Can-nah-DUH !!!Click here to view Sunshine's Bulletin Board!!I am from Can-nah-DUH !!!

 I hope you enjoy your visit to my site !!

Hmmm ... I was sitting here wondering how I could get people that view my site to communicate with each other ... you know ... leave comments about particular pages on my site (or anything else for that matter) then have other people comment on their comments and so on and so on ... lol ... when came across this wonderful tool (isn't modern technology simply marvelous?? ... lol ) Actually Smurk found this for me ... I had to say that or I would never hear the end of it ... lol (Smurk ... is one of my teenage daughters by the way and it's a mother ~ daughter thing if you get my drift ... lol !)

Rules for my bulletin board:

  • Don't be flaming someone if they happen to say something you don't like (That is unless they are saying something bad about me or my site then by all means ... Blast Em ... lol)
  • Definitely No swear words ... Got it ??? My eyes are delicate! (Actually they are brown ... but you know what I mean!  ... lol)

I hope you enjoy your visit to my site !!

I, Sunshine, am the ultimate editor of the bulletin board (oh how I love the power !!) and I can and will delete your sorry ass message if I don't like it ... so there! ... nah nah nah nah nah ... lol

So save me the trouble of having to do so ok? I can get very cranky!

End of Rules ... Thanks !!

I hope you enjoy your visit to my site !!

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Simply click on the big yellow words

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between the flags above!

Have fun and play nice!

~ forever Sunshine ~

* hugs & kisses *


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