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Between making my own web pages I DO find the time to look at the many URL's that are sent to me.  Below is a small selection of some of my favs ... pretty amazing!!

~ Services ~

Ticket MasterHow Far Is It?Bluemountain Greetings

Real Time Flight InfoCanadian Lottery BuddyVirus Info


~ What Will They Think of Next? ~

Colour Coded SexFor the Easily AmusedNew Traffic Signs

Money OrigamiShoe GuyGreat Buildings

UselessJust 4 LafsMona Baby What Have They Done To You?

Your Gross & Cool BodyY2K CountdownMovie Mistakes

The Amazing Stupendo


~ Words of Wisdom ~

The StarfishAccept MeWe Have Two Choices

Yellow PagesRisk of LovingGifts


~ Quizzes and Tests ~

Sexual Tension QuizDenza QuizDr. Seuss Purity TestThe WindowA Funny Test

The F TestFacts About YouselfThe Oreo TestPsychoAnalyze Yourself

The Un-telligence TestAcrophonology & You


~ Other People's Homepages ~

KattyKane's HomepagePatrick's RoseAdele's Homepage&Greg's PlaceWhat a Wookiee

Alaskan Husky's DomainInternet MechanicCaitlyn's WebpageCougar's Place

Darkstar's JokecenterFancy's PlaceHome of Sneaky SnakeKrisi's PlaceGrandma's

Mystic WolfNight AngelDoors of FunTy DeBole & CyberMom Page


~ Games ~

Bust OutCafeGamePeanut Butter & Jelly Wars

The Flying Cow


~ Misc. Links ~


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