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I am from Can-nah-DUH !!!        I am from Can-nah-DUH !!!

Hello and welcome to my "Sunshine's Funn Pages" index page.
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Webster's Dictionary defines fun as "anything that induces enjoyment"

Wow ... is that is an open statement or what?   And with so many people having their own views and opinions of what exactly "anything" may mean some of you may find the contents in some of my Funn pages to be ... well ... not in line with with yours ... hey but that's kewl.  First and foremost my Funn pages are not designed to offend but rather to promote enjoyment and evoke a smile or two!  If you don't like to exercise your smile muscles please exit now! ~ forever Sunshine * hugs & kisses *


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* Blonde Brunette Yet another funny little story ... LOL Mar.04/99
Beer You gotta check this one out!! Mar.05/99
Cookie Caper Buyer Beware ... LOL Mar.04/99
Something's Fishie A bit different .... fun to make!! Mar.06/99
* Me Naked Is it really me naked?? Wooo Hooo!! Jan.24/99
The Purple Funn Page Everything's purple here!! Mar.13/99
* Wadda Character What kind of character are you?? Mar.14/99
* Boobs Enough Smilies Already!! LOL Mar.20/99
* Cats 'n Dogs About cats, dogs and us Mar.20/99

* Prayer

A cute prayer for Moms and Dads Mar.20/99

* One Liners

Easy to remember one liner jokes Mar.20/99

* Confucius Say

Words to live by ... LOL Mar.21/99

* The First Time

Do you remember YOUR first time?? Mar.26/99

* Oh - Oh

Get out from under that chair!! Mar.27/99

* Hi People

The 1999 Water Balloon Fight is on!! Mar.27/99

* Sunshine's Dragons

Additions to my family ... well sorta Mar.27/99

Make Love Not War

Who's the smarter sex?? Apr.04/99

* Princess

A 90's kinda story ... LOL

* Dogs Most dog owners can relate to this May 23/99
Whoz Hot Whoz Not Whoz Hot ... Whoz Not ... YOU decide May 29/99
* Terms of Perspective Terms defined for women and men! June 04/99
Moral Teaser No right or wrong answers ... just YOURS June 14/99
Proverbs Viewing things ... a kid's way June 14/99
The Ha Ha Page Collection of CLEAN jokes sent to me July 02/99
The Ha Ha Page 2 More CLEAN jokes July 02/99
The Ha Ha Page 3 More CLEAN jokes (hmmm ... sorta!) July 26/99
* I've Learned A little off the wall (ok ... ALOT off the wall) Aug.17/99
Dog's Duty The REAL duty of a dalmation! Aug.20/99
* Good Looking Widow Stormy cold night, warm barn ... ?? Aug.24/99
* The Ha Ha Page 4 Not finished yet ... Aug.29/99
* The Ha Ha Page 5 ... And still more !! Aug.29/99
* Bumper Stickers Traffic jam reading material ... LOL Sept.03/99
* Quiz for Smart People Are you smart ?? SURE you are!! Sept.05/99
The DUH Page Can YOU relate?? Sept.06/99
The Web of Life Come into my web said the ... Sept.07/99
* Coke The OTHER uses for Coke ... Sept.13/99
* Famous Quotes (M) "Quotes" by Famous Men Sept.18/99
* Famous Quotes (F) "Quotes" by Famous Women Sept.18/99
* Love Me Tender So tender, so moist, so ... Sept.26/99
* The Ha Ha Page 6 More to haha ... Oct. 03/99
* Then and Now ~ Part 1 Marriage guidlelines for the 50's Oct. 03/99
* Then and Now ~ Part 2 Marriage guidelines for the 90's Oct. 03/99
The Ha Ha Page 7 More to haha ... Oct. 11/99
* Da Brain Teaser There's no trick or surprise ... really! Oct. 28/99
* Oh - Oh 2 Mooooooooooon River .... and MORE! Oct. 28/99
The Ha Ha Page 8 More to haha at... Oct. 30/99
The Ha Ha Page 9 Still more to haha ... Oct. 30/99
It's A Fact ???? Is it fact or not ?? Nov.12/99
The Ha Ha Page 10 You didn't actually think I was finished did U Nov.20/99
English Well Speeched Here English translations can be funny! Nov.26/99
Hence: Life in the 1500's Where some of our sayings came from Nov.26/99
Help the Needy These brothers need help!!! Feb.05/00
Quick Test Intelligence test ... go for it! Feb.07/00
The Final Exam Takin' care of business ... lol Mar.09/00
The All Star Question Holmes and Watson go camping Mar.10/00
Hmmm ... Things that make you go Hmmm ... Feb.18/01
Jus Jokin You have to check this one out ... lol Apr.13/01
Dear Dog A letter from a cat to a dog Apr.13/01
A Man's Wish Best to be careful what you wish for ... Apr.16/01
He said ... She said The battle continues ???  You decide! Apr.16/01
Oh Oh 3 Awwwwwwwe ... look at da baby! Apr.17/01
Last Page The last page on the Internet Apr.21/01
Chinese Birth Gender Chart Boy ??   Girl ?? ... Just for fun! May 01/01
Ducks In Heaven Best watch where you step!!  LOL May 19/01


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