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Hey everybody ... I would like to introduce to you

Da Awesome Kidz

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Robert (25)

aka Scooter

Robert AKA Scooter

Where has my baby boy gone?

by Sunshine

I pushed and panted for seventeen hours,

Took you to all the baby showers.

You weighed in at 6 pounds 15 ounces,

And enjoyed lots of "on the knee" bounces.

You giggled and girgled as all babies do,

You puked on your dad and filled your diapers too!

I kissed your boo-boo's and dried your tears,

Oh how I miss those growing up years!

Robert lives in a town about an hour away from me now ... and YES girls ... he IS single!!

Tanaya (18)

aka Smurk

Tanaya AKA Smurk

And then there was You!

by Sunshine

They predicted that you would be a boy,

But out came a girl ... to your Daddy's joy!

So cute and chubby cheeked you were too,

A sweet little girl even when dressed in blue.

You liked to draw and dance and play with toys,

Wasn't too long before your interest turned to boys!

My little girl has blossomed into a woman I see,

I smile when I think how happy you make me.

Tanaya lives with her boyfriend.  She is expecting her first baby June 25th, 2001.

Christina (17)

aka Superstar

Christina AKA Superstar

Da Bomb

by Sunshine

You joined this world in one helva rush,

Fifty-three minutes later I gave my last big push.

Belly bound you refused to crawl,

So around in circles on the floor you would bawl.

Not like your brother and sister, you do your own thing,

You pierced your own lip and now wear a lip-ring.

I watch you in amazement ... sometimes hold my breath,

But sweetie, you are my Superstar ... you're simpy the best!

Christina is in grade 11 and lives with her dad.  As a blooming young woman she too is changing right before my eyes. She is into playing pool, hang'n with friends and chat'n on the net.

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