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Passionate Poems

Hello and welcome to my "Sunshine's Passionate Poems" index page.
For fun I have added a chat request button on this and every index page on my site.
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~ Sunshine

Below are listed the poems I presently have online for your visual and audio pleasure. Each poem is an original piece of work created by me and the voice you hear reciting it (the first 3 poems only) is indeed mine too. (Who best to recite the poem how she wants it to be experienced other than the actual author herself !?!)

In all the web surfing I've done I have never come across anything like the concept of my Passionate Poem pages ... being able to "hear" the poem recited as well as "see" sensual (not sleazy) graphics to compliment the piece. I truly hope you enjoy!!


I hope you enjoy my Passionate Poems *mmmmuuuaaaah*

~ forever Sunshine ~
* hugs & kisses *


Index of Poems

WARNING: These poems are of a "passionate" nature.
Please hit the back button of your browser if you are not of legal age.


The Call




Not Alone


The Storm Before The Calm


Feeding The Hunger




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